Token Distribution

Upto 70%F10 Tokens will burn as per burning mechanism to maintain a steady value of the token and also bets for a long term price rise. On the addition of every 1000 new addresses, 100,000 tokens will burn.

110 Million

Total Supply

23 Million


5 Million


3 Million


1 Million



SolForces NFT Marketplace is coming soon

We are on the way to launch our own NFT Marketplace. Discover our marketplace and buy your favourable NFT soldier with their rarity level to make yourself eligible to participate in Battle.

Welcome to the



Battle Ground

Take part in World war - Surround them - Attack them in multiple World wars by bringing your Army NFT which you have purchased from our NFT marketplace. You can send your soldier into any of the wars from the different world wars multiple times. You will be paid off with monthly military service pay in F10 tokens and 20 points for participating and winning the war as rewards. You can also convert your points into F10 tokens.


Token Reflection Mechanism

Reflection tokens will reward holders by employing a mechanism in which each transaction is taxed and a 10% of the tax charged is redistributed to holders of the token.

Game Reward

2 %


2 %


2 %


2 %


2 %


Rarity Level Upgradation

Fighters can raise their rarity level by upgrading their tools. With upgrading your rarity level your chances to win the war also increases and high rarity may lead to you more points.


NFT Battlefield

NFT Battle will be arranged by randomly selecting two NFT soldiers as per rarity level who are ready to fight in Battlefield. High rarity will raise chances to win the Battle, you can raise your rarity level by upgrading it.

You will be rewarded by F10 tokens in case of your winning and your rarity will also increase. On the other hand, if you lose the Battle, your soldier will be frozen with SolForces for 10 days. But no need to be disappointed because if you continuously lose 10 Battles then you will get the exclusive Mega Lottery Ticket.

NFT Exchange

NFT Rescue Operation

SolForces provides an Exclusive NFT Exchange platform to its believers. We are aiming to target all those NFT communities which failed to grow. If you have any third-party failed or useless NFT and want to make it worthy then bring your old NFT here and we will give you one of any soldier with a rarity from our newly launched armed force. You will be charged fees for ten F10 tokens. Hurry up !! to take advantage of this rescue operation.


How it works

SolForces is the decentralized play-to-earn metaverse where NFT army soldiers will fight in Battlefield.

Participate in IDO

Do participate in the SolForces IDO, buy F10 to be the first to join the community.

Get Rewarded

You will be rewarded by F10 in case you win the Battle and it will raise your rarity level too. Even if you continuously lose 10 Battles then you will get the exclusive Mega Lottery Ticket.

Discover NFT

By acquiring F10 you can buy NFT soldiers from SolForces NFT marketplace.

Rescue Operation

Bring Your failed third party NFT to SolForces and Get one soldier along with the rarity level from our newly launched force.

Take Part in Fight

You are eligible to take part in different world wars and Battles only by bringing your NFT soldiers.

Integrated with



2% of total is reflected to all holders over there to earn a passive income.

LP Acquisition

2% token will automatically transfer in LP after every transaction.


With the help of burning mechanism function 70% quantity of token will burn and at the end 2% token will burn after every transaction.


SolForces airdrop of 1,000,000 F10 is coming very soon for those who will help our community to grow and promote. Participants have to complete all the tasks and have to submit a BSC address to complete and win the airdrop. Rewards will be distributed according to your performance. SolForces NFT Airdrop is also coming back-to-back.

Total Airdrop Supply : 1 Million
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Phase - 1 (Q4, 2021)
Metaverse - Token - Forces10
  • SolForces is launching its token airdrop
  • We are launching Forces10 on IDO Launchpad
  • Token burning mechanism will be completed
Phase - 2 (Q1, 2022)
NFT Marketplace
  • SolForces NFT marketplace will be launched
  • NFT minting will be processed
  • NFT Airdrop will be done by SolForces.
Phase - 3 (Q2, 2022)
Metaverse - Battlefield
  • Metaverse - MVP will be launched for Battlefield.
  • Metaverse Battlefield mainnet will be completed
Phase - 4 (Q3, 2022)
Launching DeFi
  • DeFi swapping platform will be Launched
  • SolForces will launch its yield farming features.
  • Liquidity mechanism will be completed
  • New lending & borrowing facilities will be launched.
Phase - 5 (Q4, 2022)
Launching DeFi 2.0
  • SolForces will launch its staking platform
  • SolForces will benefits you by F10 - 3*3 staking.
Phase - 6 (Q1, 2023)
NFT Exchange Platòorm
  • Exclusive NFT exchange platform will be launched.
  • NFT rescue operation will be invented
Phase - 7 (Q2, 2023)
Wallet Development
  • Digital wallet development will be completed.
  • Development of Android and iOS web App
Phase - 8 (Q3, 2023)
E - Commerce
  • SolForces payment gateway will be integrated.
  • E-commerce platform will be launched


Meet Our Team

Games are won by talent, but championships are won by teamwork and intelligence.

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Frequently asked questions

SolForces is the decentralized play-to-earn metaverse launching on the decentralized and permissionless crowdfunding IDO platform where NFT army soldiers will fight in Battlefield.

Forces10 (F10) is the governance token of SolForces ecosystem launched on Binance smart chain with a total supply of 110 million.

You can get F10 tokens by participating in SolForces IDO. Price for the IDO token is 5 cent.

If you're having difficulty, please join our telegram channel or can post at our Discord channel and our community will be happy to help!

You can apply for different world wars and battles by bringing your NFT soldiers that you can get from our NFT marketplace by giving F10.

To enter into SolForces gameplay you have to join IDO and buy the F10 to get NFT soldiers which is necessary to take part in different world wars. High rarity level will be beneficial to win the fight and you will be rewarded for winning the battle. You can also take part in the NFT rescue operation of SolForces and exchange your third party worthless NFT into a newly launched NFT soldier.

High rarity level will raise your chance to win the battle and you can upgrade your rarity by purchasing latest and upgraded fighting tools through SolForces by spending F10 tokens.

You can get NFT soldiers from our SolForces NFT marketplace and build your army force for fight by acquiring F10 from IDO.

SolForces is launching its NFT exchange platform and the entire process of converting third-party NFT into our NFT soldier is named as NFT rescue operation.

You can go for rescue operation if you have any third party failed and worthless NFT and want to convert it into something valuable, then by spending just ten F10 you can get NFT soldiers with a rarity from our newly launched armed force.


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